zondag 3 juli 2011

challenge scrap and stamp

de uitdaging van scrap and stamp deze week is om te scrappen rond het thema independence day. Omdat wij hier in Belgenlandje dat niet vieren, ga ik mijn traveljournal als entrie beschouwen. over twee dagen zetten wij aan naar de states, woehoe. Je kan ons volgen op mijn amerikablog.

The challenge this week on scrap and stamp is to scrap about independence day. As we belgians don't celebrate this, i will use my travel yournal which you can see in the post below as an entrie. In only 2 days i'm leaving for the States, and i look forward to go spend some time in the Michaels and other shops i allready searched on the net. Anyone who knows some shops i just have to pass by in the area of het southwest?

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